Preserving Safety Harbor’s Quality of Life and Unique Charm

Safety Harbor’s Unique Charm and Character create an attractive environment and quality of life for its citizens. In fact, each of us moved to Safety Harbor for that very same reason.  That quality of life requires balancing of preservation of charm and redevelopment, improving roads and sidewalks, expanding and creating green space, providing affordable municipal services, and bestowing a sense of pride in the community for all residents.  As your former mayor I worked tirelessly to improve your quality of life and maintain our unique charm by: expanding the library, creating a Dog Park, beautifying Philippe Parkway and 9th Avenue, moving forward on a Museum and City Partnership for a Museum and Cultural Center and building restoration, developing Mullet Creek Park, improving 2nd Street South Parking, installing a traffic light at Briar Creek and McMullen Booth, placing a Boundless Playground and Skate Park at City Park, restoring Creek beds to prevent private property erosion, improving Main Street, bringing Recycling In House, placing an Entryway Sign at Main Street and McMullen Booth, creating the Free Tree Give Away Program, enacting a Grand Tree Ordinance, enhancing our culture by displaying Public Art, creating Citizens Academy for residents, Lease/Purchase of former Secondary School Property on Cedar and Elm to be developed into multi-purpose athletic fields, improvements to the Marina, land swap with Harborside Christian Church wherein we gained  access to our 13 acres of green space off of Marshall Street, purchasing the Waterfront Park preserving waterfront green space, road improvements on South Bayshore and accepting George Weiss’s gift to the city which became Folly Farms.

Being Fiscally Responsible

We have one of the lowest Ad Valorem rates in Tampa Bay.  Note that only approximately 25% of the revenues that account for the City’s General Fund come from Ad Valorem taxes.  Essentially, the majority of the city’s income is generated from Franchise fees (rent the cable, gas, and other utility companies pay the city for use of city right of way), building fees, and other fees.  This is how the city has been able to maintain such a low tax rate on property.  But it requires a steadfast hand in preparing the annual budget for which I have 11 years of experience and a track record of keeping our taxes low.  

Providing a Voice for our Neighborhoods

Outside of the downtown area, there are numerous Home Owners Associations and Neighborhoods throughout the city that need a voice on the commission.  They need someone to come to when there is a neighborhood issue.  Pond care, creek erosion, sidewalk and road issues, speeding issues, beautification grants, code enforcement, traffic lights, unwanted developments, etc.  I have always been an advocate for our neighborhoods.

Remaining an Independent Voice on the Commission

I am not running for the commission to get elected and go along to get along!  Many of you know that I speak up on issues without holding back and I also take a stance when necessary. 

Bringing Civility to the Commission

There are many voices and ideas in our community and as your former-mayor, I have always respectfully listened to everyone’s ideas and positions on issues before making an independent decision. Although there is often bitter disagreement amongst residents on city issues, the reality is that we are all working towards the same goal which is to make Safety Harbor a great place to live, work and play. We need to come together as a community, respect our differences, compromise on our positions, and act in the best interest of all the residents of Safety Harbor.

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